All our coffees could be traced back to its producer, farm or cooperative.

We choose to work with farms and traders, which we could trust on and we share all the information available to us about each origin.

Our coffees have different certificates as Organic, Fairtrade or Rainforest alliance. It is more important for us to know the story behind each coffee than the information shared on the labels they may carry.  Quality and sustainability comes in different shapes and forms.

Of course the coffees we select are specialty. They cost us a bit more, but the taste is much much better.

As most fruits, coffee is seasonable as well, which means that the coffee we have chosen will change during the year.  We carefully roast each coffee in a way to extract the best character and taste from its bean.


Coffee roasting machines could be seen in different form and sizes. We were lucky to work during those years with different equipment  and with every experience we were gaining knowledge and confidence. Now we roast on drum roaster Garanti 5kg. It wasn’t in a good condition when we bought it. Some parts were missing and we had to spent time in renovation.

Since we had a lack of technical information for this roaster, we were relying on our previous knowledge in order to renovate the Garanti. We’ve connected a new ventilation system with a new fan that allows a control of the airflow and also we have installed a cyclone, which collects small particles separated during roasting.  We use CoffeeSnob software with graphic design, connected to a HeatSnob probe for measuring the instantaneous temperature of the coffee.

Three years later we still change settings and we learn about our drum roaster.

Soon we expect a change of the motor connected to the drum with one that allows us to control the torque in order to reach even precise roasting profiles.