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COFFEE ROASTER TN-2 electric or gas – Blue Bag Coffee

COFFEE ROASTER TN-2 electric or gas

  • EUR: € 13,362.90

Load capacity: 500 grams to 2 kg green coffee per batch

Production capacity per hour without profile system: 4 batches per hour (maximum 8kg / h)

Production capacity per hour with profile system: from 3 to 5 batches

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Бърза поръчка


Loading hopper

Digital thermostat

Cooling system with aspiration

Sample container

Cascara deposit

Cleaning door for the cascara



Production: 6 – 8 kg / hour

Power 2.84 kw

Consumption: 12.9 A

Voltage 220 V – 50/60 Hz



Length: 950 mm

Width: 450 mm

Height 820 mm

Weight: 100 kg


EXHAUST: electric model: no flue outlet, the smoke exits the charging hopper during roasting. A vent hat should be installed above the load hopper itself. There is a smoke outlet on the cooling system that is behind the drum.


EXHAUST: gas model: Yes, connected to the external cyclone of the machine. It is desirable to connect with a direct connection in the chimney without curves at 90 °. Diameter: 80 mm.


EXTERNAL CYCLONE: electric model: none; It has internally integrated small cyclone.


EXTERNAL CYCLONE: gas model: included in the main equipment


PROFILE SYSTEM: electric model: optional


PROFILE SYSTEM: gas model: included in the basic equipment




The minimalist, modern design allows easy cleaning, as well as use in cafes where freshly roasted coffee made in front of the customer gives a sense of style and professionalism. It can also be used to roast high-end coffees that require a roasting of different origins in small batches.


Additional information
Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 67 x 45 x 82 cm

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